Sunday, December 29, 2013

InuYasha Cute

 "InuYasha......What are you doing?" "I'm a dog, remember?" "Yea, A DOG-DEMON! Get off of me! Yuck!"
 I don't think "Shippo" can get much smaller than that...
 I am not into bones anymore! I am not a dog, I am a demon!
"Huh? I am not paying any attention to you because I am surrounded by little half-wits." Can they see them? They seem pretty real to me.........Maybe, they cannot see them...Wait....It's my imagination....-_- 

 "I smell Kagome! KAGOME!!!!"
It's not my fault that he has a tasty tail. 
How many ounces of energy is in Kagome?! 
 He looks as if he's at the doctor's office getting stuff stuck up his ears, nose, in his mouth, and more unpleasant places.
"You'll love it! Trust me!" No, Kagome!! I won't go for it!! I may look kind of like a dog and you can make me fall on my face but- "NO!!!!!!"
 Kagome Thinks: InuYasha doesn't care about me. That's why he left me. He belongs with me, though. I wish he'd forget Kikyo already because she's dead!! InuYasha thinks: Hmm. Kagome, drop dead! You're no Kikyo! I'd rather go to hell than be with you!!! Kagome Thinks: InuYasha, next timewe meet, I have one thing to say to you! It is: I HATE YOU, INUYASHA!! I thought I loved you, but now I see you're a bucket of %^&@!!! InuYasha Thinks: Sorry Kagome, You may have the reincarnated soul of Kikyo, but you aren't the same. Well, you are more forgiving than Kikyo. Kikyo betrayed me and killed me for what Naraku did! I'm sorry!!!! 50000 Years Later, In Hell.......Kagome Thinks: Look at him, having fun with Kikyo. I wish He'd notice that I'M HERE, TOO!!!! InuYasha Thinks: Kagome?! How long has she been here?! Kagome Thinks: InuYasha is the only reason that I am in hell!! If I didn't help him recover shards, I could be in heaven and not suffering! All though, he did propose to me, right before he died. InuYasha walks up to Kagome. "Kagome! Are you okay?" "Yes! I am fine! I had to watch you and Kikyo be all kissy for the last 50000 years! I am fine!" InuYasha and Kagome are dragged out of hell and back into the world to be reincarnated. It starts all over again, except without the Shikon Jewel, feudal era and all that.

Is he on Kagome's bed?!
"What is this?! I love it!!"
 "Geez, not necessary, Kagome...." Kagome slaps him. "What do you think LOVE means?!"
 "Sesshomaru here. Wait....What? What the hell does this say?!"
 "Sesshomaru, I am going to kill you when we are done, then I am going to kill you again in on and so forth."
 "Don't stare at me like that!!!!" "InuYasha! You're the one who grabbed my hand." "Ulp..." "SIT!!!" "Gahhhh!!!!! I hate you!"
 Don't be fooled by what you see.....He may look like a bundle of cuteness, but he's really a bundle of death......
 "I am InuYasha....Tell me what you want or drop dead!"
 You wouldn't think an angel would be so heavy! 

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