Sunday, December 29, 2013

InuYasha and Kagome

 I'm guessing that InuYasha had to carry Kagome into a tree.
 "Meow! I am a cat demon!"
 "Put me down, you stalker of an InuYasha!"
 InuYasha Thinks: Happy Holidays, Kagome! When can I eat you? Just Kidding! Happy Holidays! Okay, I have given you a present, now where's mine?! InuYasha opens up his gift. "Thanks!" he thinks it's the real Shikon Jewel, but it's not. He runs to the bathroom, and tells it, "Make me into a full fledged demon." Nothing happens. "KAGOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" He starts turning into his so called "full demon" form. It's just him with red eyes. I specically remember putting on my Christmas list: The Real Shikon Jewel or the shards.
 "InuYasha! What are you doing to Buyo!? You'll hurt her!! Put her down!" "Sure. Why are you limping?" "Because of your stupid brother. He bit my leg......"
 "KAGOME, LET GO OF ME!!" "No way, InuYasha!!!!" "Sesshomaru!? What's going on?!" "INUYASHA, LET ME AT YOU!!!!"
 I need to bite Kagome! She looks tasty..... He bites her. "Aie!! Bad dog-demon!!! Sit!!!" "Ahhh!"

 Enjoy it while it lasts, Kagome. He will turn on you and come to me!!!
 "InuYasha, this may sound crazy, but will you marry me?" What in hell?! Why is she asking me to marry her?! I hope I'm dreaming........She kisses him. "Marry me, InuYasha....We'll be together forever in both worlds." Okay, definatley not a dream. NOT A DREAM! IT'S NOT A DREAM!!!!!
 "Look at how pretty......" "Mhmm.....Whatever..."
 It's love, just hidden. In this picture, it's in reverse.
 "What do you think Kagome?" "I think you're nuts." "I wasn't asking you, Shippo!!"
 Ewww!! She just puked on me! 
 "Oh, boy. What did I do? I hope this is the way it's supposed to look like."
 "Oh my! It's Kirara's family! Cute! Kitties!! Cats!! Are these her kittens or her brothers and sisters?"

 Why don't I ever tell her my true feelings? _____________ Why don't I tell him? He could be my husband.....What if her doesn't like me?! 
 Same soul, different girls. Hard to choose.....If I choose one, the other will kill me! 
 Ha! Cute!!!
 I am surrounded by morons. 
 Oh my gosh! Human InuYasha just kissed me?!
 Going at it?! *faints* InuYasha is mine!!!!!
 Merry X-mas!!
 Hmm....I never though that I'd get a child that looked like Sesshomaru! I thought that would be "mission impossible"! 
 Hm......InuYasha is so cute! I want to adopt him.... Wait.......That's why he is here. I'll call him mine. 

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