Monday, December 30, 2013

InuYasha and Kagome in Love X_X

First of all, Kagome, InuYasha is mine, so back off unless you want me to claw you to pieces because I am a cat demon.......Now, look at these pictures.......
. Human InuYasha and Kagome.
 You'd never think humans would be so heavy! 
 "Back off, Koga, she's mine!"
 "Don't die, InuYasha, don't die!"
 Yay, time to claw Kagome to pieces!
 Why is he doing this?! He never hugs me like this! 
 Spring is the time of love, for Kagome, that is. I dunno about InuYasha, because he needs to love ME!
 Ahh!! InuYasha, marry her and I'll cut YOU to pieces!!!
 Love....It's death defying, to me at least........
 "Are you okay, Kagome?" "Yes, I'm fine!"
 If they are in love, then they have to look at each other or else, InuYasha is mine for the taking......
 Wow! InuYasha is soft!! 
 If I can't be with InuYasha, I'm glad he can be with Kagome.
 Hmm, why is Kagome so darn heavy?! 
 You never usually see a HAPPY demon!

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