Sunday, December 29, 2013

Baby/Child InuYasha

 "Who's scent? I wonder who it could be."
 "InuYasha, you're cute!"
 "Hmm.....I just decided, I hate the world!"
 "My baby boy! He's so cute! I'll name him InuYasha! Yes, perfect."
 "Curse them."
 I'm bored. 
 "Oh, InuYasha! Those are not to play with!" his mother said.
 "Why am I always blamed for what Sesshomaru did?"
 "Humans are interesting...."
 What is this Halloween? 
 "Brother's tail is so soft.....Do I have a soft tail too?"
 "Bye, annoying humans!"
 She wuvs me!!
 "Mom? Is that you?"
 Why did Dad have to get married again, leaving me with a baby brother? I want MY Mommy!! 
"Hmmm.........What should I destroy now?"

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